Your sex life is not over simply because you’re in your 40s or 50s and beyond…


Learn how to redefine your mid-life sexuality and create the sex life of your dreams

without guilt, shame, or judgment.


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The women I work with have many thoughts & feelings about sex, intimacy, & pleasure. 

Here are some of the things I hear them say -

  • You feel like you’re missing out on passionate intimacy & amazing pleasure - even though your life looks great to everyone else.

  • You did “all the things” - got the job, found the partner, had the kids, bought the house, and made a good life for yourself, but you still aren’t feeling fulfilled.
  • Pleasure & intimacy….ooooh, how you crave them! But you think, “Maybe it’s just too late for me…”
  • When that ONE friend talks about her fabulous sex life, you realize that yours has dwindled - and feel a little sad & envious about that.

  • This whole “sex is shameful” old story is sooo TIRED - you’d love for sex to just feel normal! “Can’t I just enjoy it already?!”

  • Sex feels like an obligation- and you’re grateful for if you can get away with “doing your duty” once a month!

  • Whenever you think of sex, you think, "Oh God – not tonight. I just want to go to sleep."
  • You truly WANT to WANT sexual intimacy again, and it would be SO great to enjoy sex - rather than be in this boring routine.

  • Your partner just isn’t into it at all - so you walk around frustrated all the time…and the despair leads to resentment & anger 

  • There’s a deeeeeep worry you’re going to lose this relationship because you have a roommate instead of an intimate partner
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Imagine that you could not only be interested in sex again - but sex could also feel exciting, fun, and fulfilling…

It can happen for you because I’ve personally helped hundreds of women with these struggles, & they’ve come out on the other side thinking…

  • I actually look forward to date nights - because after the dinner & movie ends is where the FUN really begins!

  • Having sex is no longer a duty - I even seek it out because it’s now FUN FOR ME!

  • Look! My intimate partner is back - and my “roommate” has finally moved out!

  • I feel confident in my sexuality & tap into it whenever I feel like it.

  • My shame around sex disappeared and has been replaced with a new acceptance & excitement!
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  • I realized my needs can get met - regardless of whether I have a partner who’s into it or not - 

  • I’ve now become that friend with the great sex life…

  • I created the mind-blowing sex life I always wanted - and feeling unfulfilled is no longer an issue.

  • I’ve got an incredible sense of freedom & discovered the sex life of my dreams!

  • I realize it’s not too late for me…I’ve created an exciting, passionate, intimate sex life - and have at least 30 more years of this fun ahead of me!
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YES! Your Empowered Sexuality**

A monthly group coaching program to help you learn you how to re-define & re-create your mid-life sexuality - 

Because you deserve to have the sex life of your dreams - without guilt, shame, or judgment. 

**And yes - it’s totally anonymous!


Your sex life is not over simply because you’re in your 40s or 50s and beyond…

Let's get started!

Dr. Sonia is not just any sex coach —

She’s an M.D., plus a certified Life Coach, and a trained sexual counselor.

And rumor has it that Dr. Sonia’s worked in a sex toy store before, so we promise - there’s nothing she hasn’t seen, heard, or dealt with!

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Because our sex lives can be fraught with shame, embarrassment, fear, judgment, and guilt…intimacy, pleasure, and sex are incredibly heavy topics to deal with alone.

That’s why Dr. Sonia designed her YES! Program to help you heal through laughter, kindness, openness, and non-judgment. 

Allowing women to feel comfortable & safe inside the YES! program is vital - and that’s why she’s infused a ‘fun’ factor throughout!

YES! is a zone of Sexual Safety - in this program, Dr. Sonia is dedicated to helping you move through any difficult challenges - without self-judgment or shame.


With the support of this highly-qualified, nurturing, creative sex coach, you’ll learn how to let go of the unhelpful beliefs & ideas holding you back from having the sexual intimacy you want.

And you’ll get all this support each month for less than the cost of one visit to a sexual health & education professional.

Learn how to let go of the belief that your libido is broken, or that you have to settle for a stale or non-existent sex life!

Dr. Sonia created the YES! program to provide you with anonymous group coaching, workbooks, modules, experts, and additional features -

So you can ask your questions, share your situations, or & voice your concerns in our private, safe space…

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Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit back, relax, and not take care of anyone else?

Every month you’ll get a NEW topic to review, so you don’t have to learn everything all at once - and take your time to go deep on the topics that interest you.

We don’t work in a silo here - I’m not the only expert teaching. You’ll have access to guest speakers & experts who will bring in new ideas & varied ways to look at things.

Dr. Sonia is an insightful, multi-faceted, highly qualified, and FUN sex coach - and her YES! Program is a place where you’ll learn how to create & ENJOY your mid-life sexuality - no matter where you are right now.

What's Included in

YES! Your Empowered Sexuality**

Monthly Sexual Health Sessions

Welcome to the Queens Corner!  Every month we meet to discuss any sexual health concerns that you have. Have questions about sex, perimenopause or menopause? Dr. Sonia and here guests have the answers!

Weekly Sex Coaching Group Calls

Bring your questions - this is an anonymous, safe place to get answers & benefit from sex coaching. Wednesday evenings @ TIME CST - all calls are recorded for access if you can’t be there.

Monthly Life Coaching Group Calls

How about all the life stuff going on? That’s why we offer group life coaching on the 4rd Sunday of each month!

Book Club

No pressure! We read one book over two to three months andand meet monthly to discuss the book.

Ask a Coach

Have a question between our calls? Submit your question & get an answer from an expert! All submitted questions are published as a searchable FAQ each month.

Guest Coach Experts

Occasionally, we’ll bring an expert in to speak on a specific topic!

Toy Unboxing

A safe space to learn & talk about different pleasure toys - for solo & couple play.

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Clearly, there’s a LOT of value here, considering the price for one visit to a professional counselor or therapist is close to or more than what you’ll get for a month of support inside YES!

Monthly Membership


Special Founding Member Rate

Dr. Sonia wants this information to be available to everyone. So, for less than the cost of meeting with a sexual counselor once a month, you can have access to weekly sex coaching and lots of bonuses too! You are free to cancel your membership at any time, though we will miss you if you go!


As someone who was once in your shoes, I know how scary it can be to take that first step toward getting help.

Perhaps the best perspective I can offer is a personal one.

My fears and self-doubt held me back from getting the help I needed in time to save my own relationship.

I spent years struggling with a lack of intimacy & didn’t know what to do about it or who to turn to for help.

I kept telling myself, “I’m a doctor. I should be able to figure this out. I should be able to juggle the demands of a busy medical career, raising my kids, and do it all.  

I eventually reached out to a professional for help, but by that time, the years of emotional pain and lack of communication had already taken their toll.

I persevered and kept doing the work to get comfortable with my sexuality, and I grew fully into myself as a sexual being.

That’s when I started to think about all the other women who might need someone to talk to about their sexual issues.

I Want to Join Now!

Since I was already a life coach and doctor, I was comfortable talking about difficult subjects. 

I decided to train as a sexual counselor and provide sex coaching services to clients in addition to life coaching.

I waited too long to get the help I needed to save my relationship. But you don’t have to.

I’m here to help you rediscover your passion, reignite intimacy in your relationship, and own your sexuality because my superpower is putting people at ease while discussing sensitive issues related to sex. 

I’m a medical doctor, sexual counselor, & certified life coach 

I received my education from Stanford University, the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, the Mayo Clinic and the University of Michigan. 

Additionally, I completed my life coach training from Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School and from Learning Journeys.

I enjoy combining my natural ability to talk about uncomfortable topics with my medical knowledge, sexual counseling skills, and life coaching tools to create my unique brand of sex coaching. 

I tackle the hard issues by normalizing the situation and sharing helpful information, while coaching from a caring, respectful, and humorous perspective.

I Want to Join Now!

This is for you if...

You no longer want to settle for a lack of intimacy and passion in your life

You feel like you have zero sex drive & haven’t been able to fix this problem 

You’re ready to explore & embrace your sexuality

You want to dig deep into the sexual limitations that have blocked you from having amazing sexual intimacy

You know you deserve more in life & you’re willing to reach out and grab it

You’re ready to get rid of these thoughts:

  • You were raised to think sex is shameful or bad - 
  • You think you’re not worthy of amazing sexual intimacy
  • You believe your body is not sexy enough
  • You think nothing will ever change & your situation is doomed

This is not for you if...

  • You’re not ready to get a little uncomfortable as we delve into your thoughts & beliefs around sex & sexuality
  • You’re not willing to take a chance to change your life & your relationship with yourself - and others
  • You’re not committed to believing your life could be better. 
  • You’re not willing to make time to do this work ~ one hour per week
  • You’re not interested in learning new strategies & ways of thinking to help you have more intimacy, pleasure, and satisfaction!
Let's get started!

What happens if you don’t say yes to YES!

You know that swirl of denial, guilt, shame, & self-judgment you’re feeling right now? It doesn’t go anywhere.

Let’s think about Future You: are you really willing to miss out on the next 30 years of amazing sexual intimacy?

Your need for pleasure & intimacy in your life will not disappear - and delays in finding a solution only extend your discomfort & pain.

You’ve felt uncomfortable with your lack of sexuality & pleasure long enough! Don’t you want to be free of this now?

Your partner who’s become a roommate may finally decide to opt-out of the relationship - and leave…and that’s not what you want deep down!

The self-judgment & shame that’s been plaguing you for years will continue to fester inside you.

Your emotional pain & anxiety will continue to harass you - including your noisy inner critic who takes up far too much space in your brain.

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