We know - and YOU know - that you're a great coach with all the training, practice, experience and knowledge to help your clients.

But something very important is missing
and it’s not your fault.


The coaching industry isn’t  providing thorough and comprehensive training on sex and sexuality.

This is a problem.

Your clients are coming to you as sexual beings...it's part of their core identity, just like it's part of yours. Sexuality is an essential part of our lives but it’s not being addressed. It’s not even being acknowledged.




  • Do you want your clients to know you're a safe place to explore their intimacy issues?

  • Do you find yourself avoiding coaching on intimacy because you're just not comfortable with the topic, or don't know where or how to begin?

  • Do you see the potential impact of helping clients with intimacy issues but don't want to spend the next one to two years in training to become a sex & intimacy coach or change your niche?

  • Maybe you’re thinking “I can’t sort out my own intimacy issues. Who am I to coach anyone else on this?!?!”










This is why Dr. Sonia (The Midlife Sex Coach!) and Lisa Hatlestad (master coach & teacher) are teaming up to give you everything you need to fill in the gaps.









This is why Dr. Sonia (The Midlife Sex Coach!) and Lisa Hatlestad (master coach & teacher) are teaming up to give you everything you need to fill in the gaps.

The world needs more coaches who are comfortable talking about Intimacy!


It doesn’t matter if you coach on money, weight, or relationships, Intimacy Issues are everywhere and they will come up!


You know it’s time to incorporate intimacy coaching into your coaching services.


The perfect  training just hasn't been available...until now!

Introducing The YES Advanced Certification in Women's Sexual Intimacy 

This program offers everything you need to become comfortable, competent and confident in talking to your clients about sexual intimacy...in  just 12 weeks!



  • A deep dive into your own sexuality (so you're completely comfortable helping your client with theirs)

  • Teaching all you need on:

    • anatomy

    • libido (low, high and mismatched)

    • body positivity

    • creative intimacy

    • diversity/intersectionality

    • being trauma informed

    • different relationship styles

    • different interests

    • intimacy coaching

    • toys

    • how to help your client create an intimacy plan

    • ...and much more

  • Live week-by-week guidance and instruction by master sex coach Dr. Sonia Wright and master coach & coach instructor Lisa Hatlestad

  • Bonus guest experts & topics

  • Regular "office hours" and Q&As

  • And more!

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Meet the Instructors

Lisa Hatlestad (left) is master coach, writer and teacher who also trained coaches for certification for several years. She received her master certification through The Life Coach School and has additional certifications in the coaching arts, including hypnosis, 

shadow work & energetics, and mind-body coaching. 

Lisa's passionate about helping women break free from social conditioning that limits their ability to trust their own wisdom and move through the world creatively and courageously. She's known for her authenticity, warmth and empathy, as well as her compassionate and effective approaches to coaching and teaching/training. Lisa also loves using tarot and clients' natal charts to help her clients come to know and honor themselves more deeply.

Sonia Wright, MD (right) is a board-certified radiologist, a sexual counselor and a master life coach who received her education from Stanford University, the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, the Mayo Clinic and the University of Michigan. She received her master certification in life coaching through The Life Coach School.

Sonia’s on a mission to help women embrace their sexuality as well as end the emotional pain and isolation associated with sexual difficulties. She believes wholeheartedly that all women deserve to experience pleasurable sexual intimacy. Sonia has an absolutely infectious smile and sense of fun. She combines her natural ability to talk about uncomfortable topics with her medical knowledge, sexual counseling skills and life coaching tools to create a unique brand of sex coaching from a caring, respectful and humorous perspective.