What if within the next 30 days, you could start to reignite that excitement, liberate your desire, and deepen that special intimacy in your life? It’s time to...

Kickstart Your Intimacy Now!

Come work with Dr. Sonia for the next 30 days and discover your confidence and unlock your deepest desires -- inside a safe, empowering environment just for women.

From the outside looking in, you’ve got it all...

Maybe you have earned your degree, excelled in your career, married the person you love most, or created a beautiful family and home.

But something is still missing…

When is that incredible physical intimacy gonna happen?

While you and your partner have a loving relationship, that special intimacy has... decreased over time, or is missing altogether.

 If you’re honest with yourself, you’re worried that:

  • Your desire is dead, and it can’t be resurrected. (R.I.P.)
  • That spark within you has died, and you’ll never experience hot intimacy again. (Oh, dear.)
  • There’s something wrong with you because you’ve never been very interested in sex. (Now, that’s not true!)
  • Intimacy with your partner will always feel like just another chore to check off your ‘to-do’ list. (Eeep!)
  • If this lack of intimacy persists, your relationship won’t last much longer. (*Alarm Bells Intensify*)

Breathe! All of this can be addressed... I’ll let you in on a little secret:

The problem isn’t you or your desire.

You’re not broken. You’re experiencing something many women go through at some point in their lives.

Your desire isn’t dead. It’s just waiting to come alive as you identify what gratification looks like for you.

And you’re not doomed to a life devoid of intimacy. Reigniting that intimate spark you once had (or have always been looking for) is possible!

The problem is you have not been given all the facts which would allow you to tap into your desire and create the intimacy you deserve. 

You've been told the answer is increasing the number of times you're intimate.

...But just increasing the frequency is not the answer. (Shocking, but true!)

I know because I’ve been there myself, and I’ve helped women from all different backgrounds and ages rediscover their desire and create fabulous intimacy.

Imagine a life (and bedroom) where...

  • You DEEPLY desire intimacy.
  • Intimacy is fun and enjoyable for you again (or for the first time)!
  • It's is no longer just another thing to check off your to-do list.
  • You have INTIMATE experiences more often, and enjoy them!
  • You feel CLOSER to your partner, and communication flows easily.

Once you understand your body, your libido and how to tap into your intimacy, all of this can be your reality.

And you don’t have to be alone in this journey!

Get ready for...

Your Empowered Sexuality  Kickstarter!

The 30 Day Program Focused on Creating More Satisfying Intimacy

YES! Kickstarter gives you a NEW perspective on intimacy inside a safe, anonymous and supportive environment. Through group coaching, Q&A’s, a thriving community, and innovative coursework -- you’ll explore your thoughts and attitudes around intimacy.

Because when you are empowered...intimacy is more enjoyable for both parties -- but especially for YOU!

“I feel so much more confident about the relationship I am creating with my husband and have already seen changes in our communication and intimacy that I know will continue to grow as I apply this work. I highly recommend you work with Sonia!”

Let's Look at the Benefits of this Course

Own Your Sexuality Now!


  • Realize whatever sexual issues you are dealing with right now are common and can improve. 
  • Get to know your beautiful, powerful, amazing VULVA! You will review the anatomy of the vulva region and gain an understanding of how your body works. You will especially learn about your clitoris! #yourclitorisisloney
  • Discover self-love and body acceptance, so you can create the sex life of your dreams. Your body is incredible, right now!
  • Become comfortable with the idea that you are a sexual being. You will learn to enjoy your own sexuality. You have the right to a fabulous sex life!
  • Work on low desire/libido issues. Your desire is still within in you. You can unleash it!
  • Increase sexual intimacy with your partner. Even if there is mismatched libido. No matter what issues have developed over time, communication, connection and shared pleasure can be restored.

  • Recognize that "sex" encompasses a large variety of pleasurable acts. Don’t limit yourself to a narrow definition of sex! Get creative! You will create your own personalized sexual smorgasbord during this course!
  • Explore any sexual interests you may have in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. If you like, questions can be submitted anonymously to Dr. Sonia at any time during the course. You deserve to be happy! Let's explore your interests together!
You deserve to be happy!
Let’s address your concerns together

Meet Dr. Sonia

Dr. Sonia Wright is a trained sexual counselor, certified life coach and a board-certified radiologist.

Dr. Sonia is on a mission to help women embrace their sexuality as well as end the emotional pain and isolation associated with sexual difficulties. She believes wholeheartedly that all women deserve a pleasurable sex life.

Dr. Sonia received her education from Stanford University, the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine and the Mayo Clinic. She has also completed a certificate program in Sexual Counseling at the University of Michigan, School of Social Work.

In addition, Dr. Sonia has obtained extensive life coach training through Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School and through Learning Journeys International Center of Coaching. She is a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach.

Meet Dr. Sonia

Hi! I’m Dr. Sonia Wright.

As a trained intimacy counselor, certified life coach, and board-certified radiologist, I approach intimacy from all angles.

But perhaps the best perspective I can offer is a personal one.

I spent years struggling with a lack of intimacy in my own relationship. And I didn’t know what to do about it or who to turn to for help.

I kept telling myself, “I’m a doctor. I should be able to figure this out. I should be able to juggle the demands of a busy medical career, raising my kids, and preserving intimacy in my marriage.”

I eventually reached out to a professional for help, but by that time, the years of emotional pain and lack of communication had already taken their toll on the relationship.

I persevered and kept doing the work and became comfortable with intimacy in my life.

That’s when I started to think about all the other women who might need someone to talk to about their intimacy issues.

Since I was already a life coach and doctor, I was comfortable talking about difficult subjects. I decided to train as a intimacy counselor and provide intimacy coaching services to clients in addition to life coaching.

I waited too long to get the help I needed to save my relationship. But you don’t have to.

Come work with me for 30 days!

I’m here to help you rediscover your desire, reignite intimacy in your relationship, and rekindle that special feeling!

“Dr. Sonia is an amazing Coach. She helped me work through health issues as well as emotional and mental challenges around intimacy. My husband and I are truly grateful for the support she gave us.”

Own Your Sexuality Now!

The Essential 90 day online program
to Create More Pleasurable Sexual Intimacy for Women
with Dr. Sonia Wright

And right now, you can get OYSN!
at the great price of just



Over the course of the 30 Day Kickstarter you’ll receive:

5 modules with video lessons and accompanying PDF worksheets to help you dig into the material. ($1,000 value)

30 days of weekly live video group coaching calls with Dr. Sonia where all members remain anonymous. Use this time to ask questions as you move through the modules AND after your coursework as you live the YES! way. ($2,500 value)

Q&A session where you can anonymously submit questions to me about anything you want. ($500 value)

Fun “homework” assignments that will help you put what you’ve learned into action! (Can you really put a value on your own pleasure?)

A supportive community of women who can connect in a safe, judgement-free environment. Including a book club and a monthly general life coaching session. (Priceless!)

Lifetime access to the YES! kickstarter modules to refer to and review whenever you want! (Priceless!)


The first 10 people to register in the next 72 hours will receive a FREE 1:1 session with Dr. Sonia to begin creating your personally tailored intimacy plan  (Value: $500.00)

During this session, we’ll dive into your specific intimacy issues, and I’ll provide you with the guidance and resources you need to make the most of the program!


For the first time ever, I’m also offering TWO bonuses that are oh-so-necessary for getting the MOST out of this program.

Each delves DEEPER into strengthening communication and helps you get prepped to make this amazing sensual transformation!

  • "Having Difficult Conversations" masterclass + workbook. This is a MUST if you struggle with communication or need some help navigating hard conversations with your partner. Let this video + workbook guide you through speaking with your partner about the intimacy challenges you face and why you want to get help with this program!

    Even opening a conversation with your partner can deepen your connection and offer insight into each other’s lives -- and that’s a very good thing. Let's get the conversation started!

  • You Are Worthy Workbook. Think of this as your personal journal and guide to always have on hand through this transformational journey. This workbook will prepare you for the steps you are about to take by offering examples and exercises to help you recognize that YOU are worthy NOW -- just as you are!

Let's get you started on creating that special intimacy your deserve right. You don't have to wait another minute.


“Working with Sonia has been such a great experience. She was professional, knowledgeable, and able to create a comfortable space for me to share about life experiences that are usually difficult to talk about.”

This is the lowest price this program will ever be, so grab your spot for just $297!

Work with Dr Sonia for 30 Days.

  • Weekly anonymous coaching sessions with Dr. Sonia in the comfort and privacy of your home. (Valued At $2500)

  • 5 modules with videos and worksheets (Valued At $1000)

  •  A Questions and Answers session to ask any questions about the modules as well as a monthly book club and bonus general life coaching session. (Valued At $500)

  • Lifetime access is to the original 5 core modules (Priceless)

  • Don't Forget the Bonuses! Private session for 10 lucky women with Dr. Sonia as well as the "Having Difficult Conversations" workshop and the "You Are Worthy" workbook!
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With the 5 modules, the course takes you through the steps of understanding where you are now when it comes to intimacy, where you want to be, and how to start the process to get there. All Within 30 Days!

The PreWork

Let’s get back to the basics! For pre-work, I’ll introduce you to the basic concepts and tools associated with coaching. You’ll learn about a Thought Cascade and how thoughts lead to feelings, actions, and ultimately the results in our lives. This pre-work helps you get the most out of this program and coaching experience!

Your Starting Point

What does intimacy look like in your life?

Whether you are partnered or not, it’s important to get clear on what is happening in your life RIGHT NOW before exploring what you want it to look like in the future.

Intimacy is a human right

Intimacy is a normal, healthy part of life. But not everyone is comfortable with the idea of intimacy. In Module 2, you’ll start doing the work you need to see yourself as a being who is deserving of intimate experiences.

A Woman's Desire Explained. 

Let’s explore desire. There are many myths about female desire that need to be busted for women to really understand what’s going on with their drive. In this module, you’ll learn more about how a woman's desire changes over time and what factors influence desire.

Anatomy Time

It’s time to get familiar with your anatomy! (Especially your vulva and clitoris.) In this module, I’ll help you better understand your anatomy and how it serves you. 



I speak from experience when I tell you that you don’t want to wait to get help with your intimacy challenges.

Lack of intimacy can start to lead to anger, resentment, and stilted communication. It can even cause you to grow apart in your relationship.

The sooner you address these challenges and understand desire, the sooner you can start to enjoy closer connection and intimacy with your partner.

It’s time to stop putting your life on hold!


You can continue to struggle with intimacy issues 


You can join YES! Kickstarter and learn how to enjoy intimacy, rediscover your desire and create MORE satisfaction in your life in 30 days!


I’m so confident you're going to LOVE the results you get from this course that YES! 30 Day Kickstarter comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you commit to doing the work, your relationship with yourself and the intimacy in your life will improve.

Yep, not only is this program a great value, it’s RISK-FREE. Why would I offer this? Because I KNOW that everything in this course works. It worked for my clients and me, and it’ll work for you too!


You’re just a few steps away from having the best intimacy of your life!

To get started:

  • Click any of the beautiful buy buttons on this page.
  • You’ll get whisked to a magical payment page.
  • Submit your payment, and then wait for the confirmation email to land in your inbox.
  • You’ll get access to the first week’s module right away and email reminders for your coaching calls and Q&A session!
  • Start seeing results in weeks, not years!

This program IS for you if:

  • The intimacy has started to decrease in your life over time or is missing altogether -- and you want to get that SPARK back.
  • You want to WANT intimacy and enjoy your experiences, but you don’t know where to start.
  • Intimacy is the last thing on your mind, because you’re struggling with stress and responsibilities, but you want to change that!
  • You want to address your intimacy issues or lack of intimacy BEFORE it impacts your relationship any further.
  • You’re interested in exploring alternative interests and don’t know where to start.
  • You finally want to prioritize your satisfaction and spend some time exploring yourself and your intimacy.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You’re having HOT passionate intimacy that couldn’t get any better. (Congratulations! Why are you reading this?)
  • You aren’t open to doing the work necessary to improve your intimacy.
  • You’re not ready to explore your own intimacy.
  • You want to keep trying what you’re already doing to see if it works the 100th time around...
  • Both you and your partner have no interest in having better intimacy or deepening your connection.
  • You are content living a life devoid of intimacy and satisfaction. (Okay, this can’t be you, can it?)


  • Become comfortable embracing yourself and intimate experiences!
  • Engage with your partner in new and exciting ways!
  • Reconnect with your body and learn to love and appreciate it as it is.
  • Understand anatomy, libido, and desire as it relates to intimacy.
  • Rediscover your desire and learn how to focus on your own you.
  • Give yourself permission to OWN your desire! Get Empowered!


One last thing...

As someone who was once in your shoes, I know how scary it can be to take that first step toward getting help.

In fact, my fears and self-doubt held me back from getting the help I needed much sooner in my life. I was miserable for years because I was too scared to take that first step. BUT...I created the YES! 30 Day Kickstarter so you would not have to do it alone. Let me help you take the first steps and get the intimacy you deserve.  

There’s still time for you to rekindle that lost spark and regain that connection and closeness you once had in your life. Take the first steps with Dr. Sonia. Imagine where you could be in just 30 days!

You are in charge of your own satisfaction. And you have the power to improve the intimacy in your life.

All you have to do is take that first step toward getting the support you need. And once you’re in YES!, I’ll be with you every step of the way!

What Graduates Have to Say

This is the lowest price this program will ever be, so grab your spot for just $297!

Work with Dr Sonia for 30 Days.

  • Weekly anonymous group coaching sessions with Dr. Sonia in the comfort and privacy of you own home (Valued At $2500)

  • 5 modules with videos and worksheets (Valued At $1000)

  • A Questions and Answer session to ask any question about the modules as well as a monthly book club and bonus general life coaching session. (Valued At $500)

  • Lifetime access is to the original 5 core modules (Priceless)

  • Don't Forget the Bonuses! Private session for 10 lucky women with Dr. Sonia as well as the "Having Difficult Conversations" workshop and the "You Are Worthy" workbook! 
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